About A.M.E.N. (Alberta Metal Enthusiast  Network) We are on the move to a new location.


A.M.E.N. (currently it stands for Alberta Metal Enthusiast Network. (The actual interpretation of the acronym has been lost to time.)

 In the beginning, there was only light, then came the rocks, plants, bugs, bringing darkness and the world flourished anyway. Then the heat came, hot enough to turn rock into metal and then all became well in our world.


Our founding members were Bob MacDonald, Rupert Wenig, Robert Grauman, Harvey Penno,  David Puckerin and Andrew Jackson. They ran some notices in Projects in Metal and a few other places and the group reached critical mass forming AMEN. They originally met at Dave Puckerin`s place of business and word of mouth filled that shop monthly so Boston Pizza in Mayfield common was tried before honoring the restaurant at the West End Truck stop with our activities. In 2009, the meeting was moved to our current meeting at the Humpty`s restaurant on 4503 Gateway Blvd., in Edmonton on the last Thursday of every month.


The initial focus of the group was mostly geared towards sand casting. Over the years the groups focus has remained dynamic with the topic of interest changing as the groups dynamics change. Presently about ½ of our group is involved with learning or expanding their CNC knowledge or ability, 1/3 are definitely manual machinist types with a burning in their belly to make something because they can, Challenges are met with enthusiasm.


The Last Thursday of the month we are currently meeting at WE’RE MOVING - SEND EMAIL FOR NEW LOCATION


Some of the information/ training sessions that we`ve held in the past are …..


  • Arduino Powered Rotary Table that use VERY simple code that can divide a rotation in to as many divisions as you will ever need. My unit is based on an Arduino Uno R3 and a 4" rotary table. I do not use a display or 0ther input device to set the division number. The number is changed in the sketch on my laptop and the altered code is compiled and test run. Once uploaded, the board is disconnected from the laptop and a 9v battery is used to power the Arduino and a 12v 5a walwort powers the stepper driver PCB. (Ron Cairns)

  • Making your own CNC router for under $500.00, (Jim Strong, Ron Cairns)

  • Basic matching practices (Dave Pape)

  • Sand casting (Andre)

  • Museum of Making, Calgary visit, Calgary, Ab)

  • Estevan Model Engineering display, Estevan, Sask.

  • Metal Sculpture Show, Reynolds Museum

  • PIC controllers

  • Fubar night (yearly)

  • Basic Electronics

  • Welding basics (Jim Strong)

  • Building an EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

  • And on and on….


Join our group that meets the last Thursday of every month for a couples hours of metal working based discussions.