The DIY Workshop is now open...

in Edmonton. Their address is 6140 -99 St, Edmonton, 780 235-0153 and they are open evenings and weekends. If you need access to bigger equipment then you have in your basement or If you want to try 3D printing in bronze before you buy your own equipment. Give Will or Robyn a call, They truly are great people to know. Then even offer classes on how to get started.

The DIY website.

Canadian Tractor Museum

Tractor Talk was very interesting in October. Seen and received some great info and tales about full sized working cutaway combines and small round balers.

AMEN Show Aug 26, 2017

Come see us at Humpty's on Gateway Blvd just north of the Whitemud and don't miss us at the Reynolds Museum, Metal Art Show and Sale on September 16 and 17, 2017

New windmill design prototype complete

of a horizontal wind patented in 1877. Plans are in process and should be ready for the Metal Art Show in Wetaskiwin at the Reynolds Museum on September 16 and 17, 2017. I will be displaying models of 2 windmills from 1910 as well.

CNC mill

Finally got the X and Y table ball screws working again. I made a positive stop to prevent the table from running of the screw again.

windmill plan

Barrhead county museum in Barrhead, Alberta has some very interesting artifacts. Worth the drive.

plans are slowed

I am hoping to have a set of plans available soon. Material kit will follow shortly after.

unforeseen problem

Windmill plans might be delayed as by backup system has a newly discovered flaw. I lost the latest version of the pans and I might not have them redrawn in time but I am trying.

smith cycle car

I stopped by the district museum in Westlock the other day and say the most amazing car. A 1918 Smith Flyer with a 1 and 1/2 horse read engine. You should check it out!

New book coming soon!

I am working towards a new book that will be available at Christmas time.  More details as the publisher gives them to me.

exciting trip down the history road

Just came back from Wpg. Stopped the bus at several Museums.I really enjoyed my visits to the WESTERN DEVELOPMNENT MUSEUMS in North Battleford, Saskatoon, and Yorkton. They are all greats museums well worth the investments in time to see them.

Vegerville Regional Museum fired my brain with their displays and stories about them. On tal was the restoration of a Rumley Oil Pull tractor that went through the lake an laid at the bottom for over 45 years. It was raise and even turned over when it took its first breathe after so long under water. I hope to have more about this amazing story in the future.

The Metal Art show

The Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta is hosting their annual Metal Art show on Sept. 17, 18, 2016. I'll be there with my book and models of my windmills and a full scale engine from Russell Bourke and some other neat stuff.

Hope to see you there!

new book volume delay

Things are progressing slowly but with positive progress. Next volume (2.1) might not be available until next year. Volume 1.1 is in stock and ready for shipping!

new windmill model

I am hoping to have my next model of a windmill done for the Metal Art show help at the Reynolds Museum on Sept. 17 and 18th, 2016. It is of a 1910 model but with automatic feathering gear this time.

tuned pipes

In my experience, they really work if you get them set up correctly.  There are many pipes out there but they all work basically the same way. Turned pipes allow some the the next intake charge to come out of the exhaust port. The exhaust port is the last to close and if the return pressure wave in the tuned pipe is timed so that the reversed pressure wave reaches the cylinder just before the exhaust port closes, it forces an extra bit of air/ fuel mixture back into the cylinder.

This reverse pressure wave also occurs in the intake ports because of the momentum that the gas has gathered from intake manifold length and engine rpm demand and then has to stop suddenly as the port or valve closes which forces the gases to bounce back in the manifold.

A major concern is when the engine is not at that magic rpm it can either forces burnt gases back into the cylinder  or it dumps raw fuel into the exhaust pipe. Tuned exhausts are most commonly used on two stroke engines but pipe tuning for both intake and exhaust lengths can get you extra power.

One of the best explanations of port timing that I've seen can be found here.

MacDizzy has some great info on two stroke tuning.



wind mill model making progress

The second windmill model that I'm building is based on a 1910 design for a 10 foot blade diameter with automatic feathering on the sails..  The original rating of this windmill is about 1/4 hp in a 16 mile per hour wind. The rule of thumb for wind calculation is that a " 16mph wind blows 8 hours a day on 2/3'rds of the days in a year." (from Windmills and Wind Motors, F.E. Powell, 1910, reprinted by Lee Valley Tools (AT LEAST IN 1910!)

watch for pictures coming soon.