Aircraft Engine Historical Society - a great website for everything you need to know about Aircraft engines

AlphaProofing - A very talented editor/ writer for almost any topic. Sherry is also a very knowledgeable speaker and creativity guide. if you are not sure how to say it and need it right the first time or even if you are not sure that you need to say anything at all, contact her for guidance and inspiration. Very reasonable rates.

Brent Loewenstein Magician -  A very impressive and talented slight of hand artist and entertainer whos corporate followings both impress and amaze. Make your corporate events come alive and build your employees' corporate memories.

Canadian Tractor Museum - A great place to see the machines that helped mechanized food production in Canada. They have  a group that meets the first Tuesday of every month for coffee, snacks and loads of learning made possible from very talented and extremely knowledgeable presenters. Come out and see Ron's presentation about old alternative internal combustion engines and designs on June 5th, 2018. Please contact them for greater detail.

Creative Color -  The best printing house that will deliver written words and images that are expressive, well focused, and a dynamic media advertising campaign as well as other forms of visual communications. Your certified Google Anlytics and Adwords Professionals.

Christian book and blog site - A website to help pain in management and non drug coping. Her blog is inspiring.

Digital Machinist Magazine -  A great Magazine about electrifying equipment and other nice Projects. Make sure to ask George about their latest specials. Mention my name and ghet rewarded.

Eau Claire Distillery - An Alberta Gem. If ECD was in Scotland, they would have among the best single malt whiskies, as it is, it is rank with the very best single malt whiskies in North America. Their Parlour Gin is almost heaven on earth. Besure to add their tonic waters to your cart.

EyeSEE computers  -  The undoubtable the best video and surveillance shop in Winnipeg. They also know boat loads of stuff about computers and data storage. Tell Don that I sent you!

Ford Anglia website - My 1966 Ford Anglia Super Deluxe with only 10,000 miles on it but unfortunately is sat out in the sun and some of the paint has been sun burnt off and interior has suffered but the chassis only 10k miles and no rust! I'm looking for a 1600 X-flow kent engine to wake it up a bit.

HobbyCNC - a nice DIY project for CNC controller

Laugh for Life - A comedy night in Calgary and Edmonton to raise money to help those less fortunate in their lives.

Model Engine Builder online magazine -  an online model engine building magazine that not only show you how things are built but also shows the theories and procedures behind building them.

Old Automobile monthly online magazine -   A leading place to find out about early automobiles.

Pro Trucker magazine -   Undoubtable the best independent trucking magazine in North America.

SOC-Robotics - The very best controllers and drivers that I've seen. Check out their Hexapod work.

Sock Puppets - impressive array of hand made puppets to keep your hearts warm and fuzzy

Stony Plain Pioneer Museum - They bring the area's history to life. The new HO model train club is well worth being part of and it is on the way to be the best in the region! Go 1907!

The Reynolds Museum - a hidden gem and under utilized Government resource. It's a great place to lose your self for a time and inspire you! Check out the metal art show. Be sure to see their METAL ART SHOW

Vegreville Regional Museum - check out their Rumley Oil Pull that fell through the ice and was completely  submerged in a lake for over 40 years and is now running again

Western Development Museum North Battleford - The town site is second to none and you need to see their displays and exhibits

Western Development Museum Saskatoon - Boomtown is a sight not soon forgotten

Western Development Museum Yorkton - wonderful exhibit of farming equipment including some I had never heard of before