Australian Model Engineering Magazine gave my book 2 thumbs up for a review in their July/Aug issue 

Gas Engine Magazine review in their December/ January 2016 issue. read the full review here

Model Engineer, among the most revered and longest lasting print magazines in the industry, writes reviews the book in the issue #4529,  

Model Engineer UK gave a nice review of my book here

Model Engine Builder magazine wrote a review in issue 35 of their online publication Their website is Model engine Builder magazine is an online resource that shouldn't be missed by any enthusiast. Mike Remus taught me many things in the years that I wrote for them in a series called The RICE report was very well received by his followers.

Pro Trucker Magazine's - John White's editorial comment about this book. As you'll read, I used to submit articles on alternative engines to this dynamic magazine. Pro Trucker was my first try as a regular contributor to a monthly magazine. My column was called Otto Alternates and Diesel Diversions. John's magazine has a very dedicated following and I still think fondly of my time with Pro Trucker. Read the review here:

Ted Kizior. P.Eng. from Alberta, "he downplays the science behind heat engines.... he has illustrated that he actually knows a great deal about thermodynamic principals." Read the full review here